Berta, Cipressa and Poggio

Santo Stefano al Mare – San Lorenzo al Mare – Imperia – Cipressa – Poggio di SanRemo – SanRemo

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Along the way we will face the three climbs of Milan-SanRemo, in the final stages where the race reaches the critical point of the 300km route. The race was first held in 1907 and the Spring Classic is heralded as one of the “Monuments” of cycling. Starting from the aTUTTA! Clubhouse we will ride towards Imperia to face Capo Berta. Sweet and short, this climb will take us back to SanRemo where we will turn towards Cipressa. Here we will challenge the famous 5.6 km climb at 4.1% slope and the very technical descent that will take us back to the Via Aurelia. Finally the Poggio, the stretch that most of all represents the Milan-SanRemo, with its 3.7 km in length and 4% of average gradient with peaks up to 8% in the section that crosses the hill; this is where the final attacks are made and often the race is decided just 5km from the finish line.


technical specifications

Distance: 70 kmTotal climbing: 710 mtDifficulty: Medium

Water fountains

  • Cipressa at km 36
  • Poggio at km 52

Points of interest

  • Port of Imperia Oneglia
  • Top of Cipressa
  • Hairpins on the Poggio
  • The Cavandish bollard!

Guides recommended gearing

52/36 – 11/28

Guides recommended nutrition

Drinks, gels

The comments of our guides

MarcoThe Bike Manager

The final climbs on this historical route often surprise riders who expect them to be harder than they are. But don’t be fooled by the shallow gradients – after racing for 250km and climbing at speeds over 30km these challenges are enough to determine who will be the rider to cross the line first.